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Pre-Operative - On Arrival to the center all patient's

On arrival to Fleming Island Surgery Center, we ask that you sign in at the main desk. The receptionist will need to make copies of your driver’s license, or other legal form of identification, and your insurance card(s). 
You will be called back into the business office to sign some general papers; A consent for treatment in our facility, ownership of the facility, HIPPA notification and any insurance and or billing paper work.   You will need to bring with you any pre-payment that is required.
Once you have completed the business office paperwork, you will sit in the waiting room until the nurses come to get you.
In the pre-operative portion of your stay, you will be asked your name and date of birth as a way to verify that you are the correct patient.  You will be weighed.  The nurse will conduct a “nursing” history and physical.  You will need to verify and sign your procedure consent and anesthesia consent.  You will be placed on a heart monitor, an oxygen sensor and a blood pressure cuff.  The nurse will start an IV for medications.  The nurse will verify the name and information of the adult that will be responsible for taking you home.
An anesthesiologist will come and talk with you.  He/She will go over your medical information, ask questions related to your state of health, listen to your lungs and explain the plan of care for your anesthesia experience.

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